UV Systems Hybrid, Air or Water-Cooled Systems

LA1 LED Systems

GEW’s patented LA1 lamphead is the most effective and the most powerful air-cooled LED UV system on the market.

LW1 LED Systems

GEW’s patented LW1 lamphead is the most effective water-cooled LED UV curing technology on the market.

E2C Arc Systems

GEW’s E2C is the most powerful low energy UV curing system for narrow web presses up to 60cm wide.

NUVA2 Arc Systems

The NUVA2 UV curing system is the most effective UV technology for colour UV inkjet printing, available up to 250cm wide.

ArcLED Hybrid Systems

The transition towards curing UV inks and varnishes with LEDs has begun. GEW have addressed the needs of many printers by developing ArcLED hybrid UV curing systems.