LA1 Fully air-cooled LED UV Curing System

GEW’s patented LA1 lamphead is the most effective and the most powerful air-cooled LED UV system on the market.

The LA1 is an LED UV curing solution that is able to perform without the added infrastructure and maintenance required by water-cooled LEDs while enjoying the benefits of the ozone-free operation, efficiency, reliability and extended life cycles of LED systems of up to 20,000 hours and higher.

ArcLED hybrid UV systems

ArcLED enables hybrid, interchangeable UV curing on every print station, allowing the printer to use a combination of arc lamp and LED technology seamlessly on the same press.

ArcLED RHINO systems benefit from GEW’s rugged engineering and world class service support and come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty unique in the industry.

Control benefits

Arc & LED common interface

Automatic detection of cassette type (arc lamp or LED) ensures the RHINO power supply instantly adapts and delivers the correct output power.

Energy performance measurement

The RHINO control automatically logs energy use and displays it on screen at the touch of a button, showing kWh consumption in operation, at idle and % production uptime.

Proactive downtime avoidance

Our Embedded Service Package regularly sends system performance data to GEW for analysis. A system health report is generated, highlighting any out-of-tolerance parameters requiring maintenance attention before a fault can develop.

Working at peak performance

The Event Log continually records system use and operating parameters. The log can be checked to ensure the system is working at peak efficiency, avoiding energy waste and unplanned downtime.

Instant help

Multilingual instructions are easily accessible on every screen together with a library of tutorials and videos, troubleshooting and maintaining the system.

RHINO Electronic Power Supply

Automatic switching

The new RHINO ArcLED power supply automatically recognises which type of cassette – arc UV or LED UV – is installed in the machine and adjusts the RHINO control accordingly.

ArcLED switches seamlessly from DC power for the LEDs to high voltage AC for the arc lamps.

Fail-safe operation

Military-grade electronic design protects the UV system from damage caused by incorrect voltage, short-to-ground, dropped phases, mains spikes and lightning strikes. In the event of a serious mains disruption, the system powers down in a safe mode.

Survives the harshest environments

RHINO is designed to run in harsh conditions at ambient temperatures of up to +40°C. The system is also unaffected by dust, ink mist and other atmospheric contaminants.

Minimal footprint RHINO Rack

A compact cabinet that houses up to 6 RHINO power supplies and provides perfect cooling, atmospheric protection and mains power distribution. Cabinets are stackable 2-high, enabling 12 power supplies to fit into a 115cm x 65cm floor area. Power supplies slide into rack and connect quickly, enabling more lamps to be easily added to the system in future.

Lowest operating costs

With intelligent power management the current draw from each mains phase is balanced and harmonic distortion is minimised, reducing the energy demand registered by your electricity meter. Reducing harmonics in operation maximises existing mains capacity because energy is not lost as heat in cabling and transformers.

Lamphead Details

  • Fully air-cooled, able to perform without the heavy infrastructure and maintenance required by water-cooled
  • The most powerful air-cooled LED UV lamphead on the market
  • Fully compatible with existing ArcLED systems
  • Available in one continuous array up to 60cm (23½ in) wide
  • Uniform UV output and wavelength across the curing area – typically only 3% variation
  • Long-term consistent output over the full life cycle of the LEDs
  • Cassette-based LED array is easily accessed for cleaning or inspection and can quickly be swapped for an arc lamp cassette

Range of wavelength and power levels available:

Wavelength Output
405nm 22W/cm²
395nm 18W/cm²
385nm 11W/cm²