JCS-UV can service, sell and supply all genuine GEW parts and systems for your UV drying system. This can include any of the GEW systems, whether they be old or new.

From the original “MD” series through to EC2 and NUVA2 and the most recent series, we can service them, sell them and supply what you require.

Below are a list of the services we provide.

A clean UV drying system is an efficient UV drying system.

Most problems arise due the BASIC maintenance procedures being ignored.

These are regular cleaning of: LAMPHEADS, i.e. Quartz glasses and lamps, and CLEANING OF ALL FILTERS, ie air, water etc.

With technology constantly on the change and with GEW’s on going Research and Development programme, new products are advertised on their web site regularly.

To upgrade, add on or purely curious about your UV drying system. Again please use our contact us page.

The advantages can benefit you with Increased Product Output, Electricity savings and substantial Space Saving .

We stock a comprehensive range of lamps and spare parts for all GEW UV drying systems whether it’s a current UV drying system or one that’s been discontinued.

On our contact us page you can submit your query for any GEW UV drying parts you require.

Please remember to find your system number. This you will find on the Electrical Cabinet or Power Supply and will be “S” followed by four numbers. i.e. S1234